Horae Dining was established by hospitality professionals on the Gold Coast.

With extensive knowledge and background in the field, Chef Rodolfo and George work closely with other passionate hospitality trained staff to cater your event through a culinary journey in the comfort of your own homes.

The Horae in Greek mythology were the goddesses of the seasons and the natural portions of time.

The Horae also guarded the gates of Olympus and rallied the stars and constellations of heaven. They were particularly honored by farmers and relied on the Horae to plant and tend to their crops in time with the rising and setting of the stars with the passing of the seasons. The three goddesses individually represented the conditions required for farming prosperity.

At Horae dining, we felt this was very fitting and that is our focus.

Respect for our land, local farmers, sustainability & seasonal produce is particularly important to us and what we believe should be important to everyone. We work closely with our local suppliers who provide the best service and products at the time.